Zinkia, on the right track

On April 30, we published Zinkia’s annual report for 2011. While I don’t want to provide a complete analysis of our figures, I would like to pick out some data worth highlighting because they demonstrate that, as we have always insisted, our project has a really promising future.

One of the key indicators of this is that we were able to reduce our losses by 96%, going from a loss of 2.26 million euros in 2010 to just 84,000€ last year. At the same time, we posted a significant hike in revenue, reaching a total of 13.22 million euros, which was 121% more than 2010. And we did all this in 2011, not exactly the easiest of years in the recent past!

Likewise, our EBITDA (gross profits) in 2011 reached 1.68 million euros, compared to a loss of 511,000€ the previous year. And I would also like to point out that Zinkia surpassed its sales target for 2011, by 6%.This is thanks, in large part, to the process of international expansion we have started, enabling us, at last, to sell licenses, directly or via agents we have selected, in many new territories and markets we were previously unable to enter.

Also worthy of note, above all because we believe it will prove a significant line on our balance sheets in the future, is the growth in revenue from new digital forms of licensing and the sale of advertising that these create.

In 2012, we are continuing to work hard and continuing to grow, and hope we can also continue to report positive results to the markets.

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