Zinkia and UNICEF sign a new agreement

As people and good citizens, we all have a responsibility for all those groups who are most disadvantaged or at risk. That same philosophy should apply to businesses, too, and I believe it is a company’s responsibility to give back to society a share of what it receives from it.

Part of that obligation is paying taxes, which the state then manages, but another way of giving back is to provide direct support in ways that are not just about economics. It’s all about creating value by harnessing those aspects of business that best help those most in need.

As a result, Zinkia works closely with various charitable organizations, offering them our personal support, on one hand, and, on the other, supporting them as a brand, via Pocoyo, and trying to put to good use all the potential our little star has to help.

On May 11, Zinkia signed a collaboration framework agreement with UNICEF España, and became a supporter of the organization. The aim of the agreement is to create the foundations for an alliance between both parties to promote the work we do at Zinkia and to contribute, with our economic, human, communication, and technical resources, to UNICEF’s activities.

In my opinion, the values Pocoyo embodies are the ideal complement for the initiatives UNICEF promotes, which are based on respect for children’s rights and protection of children, in general. Over the next two years, we will be working together to put in place a number of activities, which will help foster attitudes and commitments that contribute to UNICEF’s goals.

Watch this space, as I’ll keep you up to date with more news about this project as things happen.

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