Top Entrepreneurs and Madrid Emprende

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of participating in a conference organized by Madrid Emprende, Business Development Agency of the Madrid City Council, within a program called “Top Entrepreneurs”.

I found this to be a very interesting initiative that allows entrepreneurs, who are part of the Network of Business Nurseries of the Madrid City Hall, to share with each other, for a few hours, the experiences of businessmen and women who are trying to, or who have been able to, consolidate their business projects with some degree of success.

In my case, I was in invited by Iñaki Ortega, of Madrid Emprende, to the “Business Nursery” located in Vallecas. I cannot say enough that this name they’ve given themselves, which strikes me very positively.  The “Nursery” is dedicated primarily to textile sector businesses and from there it is ASECOM, the Association of Apparel Manufacturers of Madrid, who runs it. I also had the opportunity to see a new initiative, which I found very attractive: an internet publication written by young people, for young people, called El Referente (, and I have begun following it regularly. I wish them the very best!

 So, I had the opportunity to talk about my experiences with about 50 entrepreneurs. We had a very interesting discussion, and they asked me about all of the topics that worry any small business owner these days: funding, commercial strategies, expansion, debt management, etc. 

I always enjoy myself in this atmosphere, among young (and sometimes not so young) entrepreneurs, where enthusiasm and excitement regarding the launching of new projects radiates around you. When I leave these types of meetings, I always ask myself: Where is the crisis? You don’t hear about it, or you hardly hear anyone talk about it. What you do hear people talking about is effort, excitement, objectives reached or expected, work, mistakes and successes, projects… On a personal level, this is incredibly satisfying. 

Often times I think about the necessary dose of unconsciousness about, or disregard for, the risk involved in starting a business that you must have these days. But the thought immediately leaves my mind, and I remember the exciting aspects of this entrepreneurial calling. And with that, all doubts vanish.


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