The odd couple: Pocoyó and Pepe Reina

‘Odd’, maybe, but uncommonly committed, too, as Pocoyo and Pepe Reina, Spain’s international soccer goalkeeper, have both pledged their support for the Drops for Niger campaign, a UNICEF Spain initiative which is part of the the Enrédate (Connect Yourself) educational program, that aims to teach young children the importance of responsibly using that most precious and valuable of resources: water.

Over the last few days and, especially last week, on March 22, we’ve had a lot of events to celebrate International Water Day. Among these were two adverts starring Pocoyo, in which he encourages children to save and share water, that are being shown on TVE’s Clan channel and

Can you imagine having to spend a whole day without access to drinking water? According to UNICEF, today there are more than 780 million people in the world who are faced by that reality every day…

Here’s one of the videos for you to watch and I’d like to add my own drop by saying that I hope their message is not just valid for a day, or a series of events, but that we remember it every day of the year.


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