Talking Pocoyo

Although Pocoyo was conceived as a TV series, most people are aware it soon became a multiplatform entertainment brand. A good example of this is the launch of ‘Talking Pocoyo’, an iPhone application that I’m sure will reach even more people. In fact, just a few hours after its launch, it has proven so successful that it is already among the top-ranked downloads.

Among lots of other activities, ‘Talking Pocoyo’ allows users to play musical instruments, take part in interactive game, and try to copy Pocoyo’s inimitable dance styles, as well as having the option to record everything the animation does to share with your family and friends.

‘Talking Pocoyo’ is Zinkia’s fourth incursion into the applications market, after the wildly successful ‘Pocoyize’, which has now been downloaded more than 14 million times, ‘Pocoyo TV’, and, more recently, ‘Coloring with Pocoyo and his friends’.

What are you waiting for to try it out?

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