Pocoyo’s recycling game

As you know, Pocoyo is committed to protecting the environment and always promotes respect for nature. Because of this, since 2009 he has been collaborating with ‘Earth Hour’, a WWF initiative. This year, for the second year running, he’s ‘Earth Hour’s’ Global Children’s Ambassador.

Earth Hour 2012 will take place on Saturday March 31, from 8.30 to 9.30 p.m., and will involve people, companies, governments and institutions from across the world, who will voluntarily switch off their lights for an hour to show their support for a more sustainable and environmentally respectful way of life.


This time, the slogan is “Challenge the world, save the planet”. Pocoyo wanted to go even further with his support and has set up his own challenge for an important environmental cause. ‘Pocoyo’s recycling game’ is now available on the official Earth Hour website (http://www.earthhour.org/page/fun-stuff/pocoyo-game), on the official Pocoyo website (www.pocoyo.com), and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/pocoyo).

For every person who plays the game, Zinkia will plant a tree until we have planted 10,000. That goal was already almost reached in just a week, during the testing phase, so we have pledged to plan another 10,000 trees if the same number of other players join in.

So, what are you waiting for?


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