Pocoyo opens the Espacio UNICEF in Barcelona

Over Christmas 2011, Pocoyo inaugurated Barcelona’s Especio UNICEF, the new store the international organization has opened in the Pedralbes Centre.







Dozens of children got the chance to meet Zinkia’s best-known character, and took pictures, danced, and played games with Pocoyo, while he made the most of the opportunity to encourage all those present to fight for children’s rights.

Pocoyo also wanted to renew his commitment to the ‘UNICEF Dona 1 Día’ (Give a Day) campaign I’ve written about previously, and continues to ask each of us to symbolically donate a day, or more, of our life to contribute to helping underprivileged children.

Response to the campaign has been spectacular, with more than 600,000 days already donated. I know many of you have been part of making that figure possible, and I would like to thank you on behalf of Pocoyo and Zinkia.

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