Pocoyo on YouTube

One of the most important factors in our marketplace is the speed at which change takes place. A few years ago, the most, or perhaps the only, important thing you really needed to be a success, in terms of getting content created by our children’s animation brand business to reach a national and international audience was TV.

Today, TV is still undeniably important, but, in addition to the broadcast programming we’ve known for years, other Internet-based platforms have begun to emerge which, reinforced by the growing influence of social media, let consumers choose exactly what and when they want to watch.


In that sense, the leader online is, without doubt, YouTube. They were the first to roll out their business worldwide and, even though they have come up against increased competition which continues to get better and better, they continue to account for around 75% of the global market.

At the same time, I’m really impressed by the thinking behind it. It’s a simple idea—any of us could probably have thought of it—but hard to make work, and I’m in awe of what the people at YouTube, with the backing of another great company, Google, have been able to do.

We wanted to be part of it with Pocoyo from the start and it’s been almost two years now since we started work with YouTube to offer our fans Pocoyo content through them. The results have been really astonishing: more than 1.3 million Pocoyo videos are watched on YouTube every day around the world. In 2011, over 500 million Pocoyo videos will be watched worldwide on this platform alone.

We are truly astonished. I simply don’t have another way to describe how much so.

We are continuing to talk and work with other video platforms. The idea is to get Pocoyo to reach out to all those kids, teenagers and parents, as well as grandparents, who want to see it. Wherever, and whenever, they choose to do so!

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