‘Let’s Go Pocoyo’ keeps going strong in Latin America

The third season of Pocoyo, ‘Let’s Go Pocoyo’, will very soon be seen in almost all of Latin America, thanks to the agreement we’ve signed with Discovery Kids, a US-based network that has a significant presence across the continent and in the southern United States.

Thanks to this deal, ‘Let’s Go Pocoyo’ is now part of the channel’s programming in Mexico, where it was previously also broadcast by Televisa, and in Brazil, where TV Cultura broadcast the first season of the series.

We’re convinced these new broadcasts will strengthen, even further, our brand presence in the region, where it is already wildly popular as the thousands who follow us on Facebook and Twitter every day demonstrate. Latin America is also one of the most active regions for Pocoyo content on YouTube; in Mexico alone, there are more than six million views every month.

In the near future, I’ll tell you  more about the other countries included in the deal and the new licensees with whom we’re about to start work…

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