Kidscreen & Bentex Group

A few days ago, I was in New York representing Zinkia at the Kidscreen Summit, one of the biggest in the entertainment and animation field worldwide. While there, I noted again one of the tendencies we identified some time ago: the multiplatform nature of the content sector.

Today, developing a product without a multichannel strategy is unthinkable. So much so that, if previously one channel served as a launchpad, as occurred with Pocoyo on TV, now the importance of each is more or less the same and, as a result, all of vital when you’re developing a brand.

As well as allowing me to see how the sector is faring and meet with colleagues, this trip also enabled me to make new commercial contacts and make progress on deals Zinkia has already begun working towards as part of our North American expansion plans. I

In fact, I spent almost as much time outside the fair, in meetings around the city, as I did at the Summit. One of the agreements, which we’ve just made official, is with Bentex Group, which will see American kids wearing Pocoyo clothing from Spring 2013.

Bentex makes clothing for some of the biggest licensing brands worldwide. So it’s great that they are so excited about Pocoyo and, in fact, have provided us with three different design teams, which makes us think the product development will really be something special. This is great news for us. Let’s not forget that the US market has millions of consumers and is the world’s largest in terms of licensed product sales.

 The deal with Bentex joins others we’ve already signed, such as with Bandai USA for toy sales and with Random House, the number-one children’s publishing firm in the US, who will be launching a Pocoyo book line in the US and Canada. We’ll soon be announcing other new agreements in the US market, too.

While we make progress in this and in other areas, we’re also hard at work bringing new products and developments to the market, both for Pocoyo and other brands. We hope to bring you more news about them all soon!

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