First Anniversary of Pocoyo World

A little over a year ago, with all of our excitement and effort, we launched

Today, a year later, the site is an online community where over half a million people are registered and tens of thousands of children from many different countries play and have fun each month. 

We strive to develop and incorporate new content with the goal of continually creating more a more positive, fun and enriching experience for our parents and children. We have recently incorporated Pocoyo’s Journey around the world with questions, information, animation and drawings that allow children to learn more about our planet.

We want to help our children to become familiar with the computer from a young age, so they discover, with Pocoyo’s company, new worlds, as well as the history, realities, geography and animals of the world in which they live.

And it’s not easy. Finding content that children will value and enjoy isn’t a simple task. And it’s not just about the children; it’s also about the children’s parents, who are just as important to us.

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