EDEM Business School Offers a Free MBA

If I told you that a Business School has caught my attention because what they are offering I find surprisingly innovative,   you would probably look at me skeptically and ask, “what exactly are they doing?” And, I would respond, “offering a Master in Business Administration, commonly referred to as an MBA.”

“What is so surprising about that,” you ask?

Well, they offer the MBA program for free. Yes, free. Not one of the students enrolled pays a cent to receive the Masters degree. F-R-E-E. And, as if a Masters gratis were not enough, they guarantee that each of the students will have a job upon graduating. A free education and a job guarantee!

Now, this is surprising, isn’t it?

As I said before, a smart idea, from smart people…for smart people.

Given that the education is free, the school reserves the right to select admissions. To be considered for admission, prospective students must meet some specific requirements: stellar transcripts,bilingual and gifted.

In the last round of admissions, over 400 potential students made the first cut and, of them, only 25 were selected to enter the program.

Do any companies want to know the names of the 375 that weren’t selected? I’m sure that more than one of them would pay money to get their hands on that list. So, lets imagine then what they wouldn’t do to get one of those 25 elite who will receive their Masters.

Of course, we at Zinkia have put ourselves on the list to hire one of these future EDEM postgraduates.

I sincerely congratulate Manuel Palma, President of EDEM, Hortensia Roig, Coordinator of the Masters, and Antonio Noblejas, General Director.

These are examples of entrepreneurs!  In a sector with fierce competition, they have identified a clear niche for themselves, and they are doing an amazing job with fantastic results. They are now on their sixth round of admissions. Again, congratulations.

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