Earth Hour and Pocoyo

I keep thinking about humanity’s growth in the last few years and the consequences that it will have for future generations.

We still think of ourselves as kids even though we’re getting close to 50. The generation that was born in the 60’s remembers, I’m sure, the experiences we had in nature, from the various places where we live to the places that we visited.  We now realize that our children most likely won’t be able to experience and live in it the same way we did, and it breaks my heart to think about it.

This is one of the reasons that Zinkia, and specifically Pocoyo, must support \ the protection of our planet. We have to pass on to our children appreciation, respect and care for planet Earth, nature and all of the ecosystems we enjoy. If we do not protect these things today, they will simply be lost and future generations won’t be able to enjoy them.



In this photo I appear next to Pocoyo in Singapore, moments after presenting the Earth Hour initiative from the World Wildlife Fund, with the goal of raising awareness for this increasingly important cause.

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