De Agostini chooses Pocoyo

I often have the good fortune to share some news about Pocoyo’s success beyond Spain’s borders on this blog. Recently, we announced an agreement between Zinkia and the Italian multinational, De Agostini, in which the latter acquired the publishing rights for Pocoyo in Italy.

Very soon, this September, fans of the series in Italy will be able to enjoy a wide range of educational and entertaining publications.

For us, the opportunity to enter the Italian publishing market hand-in-hand with a company that has De Agostini’s track record and reputation is a real privilege. What’s more, we have high hopes for the agreement, given the excellent reception Pocoyo has had from Italian audiences since the series was first broadcast over a year ago by RAI DUE and Rai Yoyó (the national broadcaster’s channel for children).

It’s also worth highlighting that another important agreement was signed this January between Zinkia and Bandai, the Master-Toy Licensee for Pocoyo in Europe, with Giochi Preziosi, which saw the latter appointed as the official distributor for the brand in Italy. The first line of toys will be launched this August. And they’re sure to be a real success.

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