CAKE to handle Pocoyo series distribution worldwide

Today, we’ve made public the agreement we signed with CAKE, the British business that specializes in children’s and family audiovisual content, that makes them the official distributor of the Pocoyo series worldwide, except Spain, Italy, Portugal, South America, and the United States, where Zinkia will retain responsibility.



 Thanks to this agreement, CAKE will manage the rights, both for TV and DVDs, for the first three seasons of the series and for the short film: “Pocoyo and the Space Circus”.

CAKE already works with numerous production companies around the world for the development, marketing, and management of their projects on the international stage. At present, it is working on productions like Oscar’s Oasis, Poppy Cat, Tom & the Slice of Bread with Strawberry Jam & Money or Angelo Rules and The Sparticle Mystery.

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