Agreement with ITV: Free at last!

Pocoyo took his first steps almost eight years ago. He did so because the people working at the time for a company called Carlton, offered our great litter star, and us, a hand and, above all, because we also had the help of another great professional: Steven Andrews.

When we started out, Steven was in charge of children’s content at ITV, the British TV channel, and he persuaded the producers who worked with them to get involved in the development of new content for the channel. Steven had met Pocoyo in Cannes, at an industry trade show, and had fallen for him, so he wanted Pocoyo to be a part of the new children’s content line-up that ITV planned to start broadcasting.

So that’s how we reached an agreement with Carlton: they helped us with the production and, in exchange, they were made, subject to some conditions, the agents for TV sales and licensing for most of the territories worldwide.

Soon afterwards, Carlton was acquired and merged with Granada, and, finally, Granada became a part of ITV itself.

After some time, that contract has now been finalized and we have won back all of the rights linked to TV sales and licensing for Pocoyo, which we originally granted to Carlton, then to Granada, and, in the end, to ITV.

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