My name is José María Castillejo and I was born in Madrid in 1962. My parents, Juan Castillejo and Maria Oriol, died when I was 11 years old and I have six brothers and sisters.

I have signed many contracts in my life and, without a doubt, the best of all of them was the one I signed with my wife, Ana. With her, I have had my children, of whom I am incredibly proud. They are Juan, Fabiola, Maravillas, Alejandra, Dimas and Catalina.

I like the countryside, the ocean, and enjoying nature. I grew up in the countryside of Toledo and Andalusia, and it’s there that I have my best childhood memories. I discovered the ocean on the Cantabrian coast while fishing in the Abra Bay and I have enjoyed it most of all in the Balearic Islands, especially sailing around the coast of the island of Mallorca, of which I am completely enamored.

I learned to really appreciate nature traveling around Maine—where I spent some of the best summers of my life—climbing the Rocky Mountains, going down the rapids of some of the most beautiful rivers I’ve ever seen, and sleeping for weeks under the stars.

I’ll never forget the time that we were camping at the edge of the Allagash Lake, which we reached only after having spent three days pushing our canoes against the current of the Allagash River. One really special night while we were there we saw the famous Halley’s Comet cross the sky among the stars as it shot from one side to the other. It is an experience that has remained engrained in my mind forever.

I also have various titles, as I’ll be able to explain in another section of this Blog: some I deserved and others I’ve simply received. Of all of them, the one with which I identify most is that of “entrepreneur”. Ever since I finished my Philosophy degree in Rome, I have not stopped starting up projects. Some have been successful and others have failed. But, from all of them I have learned something.

I’m going to try to talk about all of my activities, but I’m sure the majority of what I comment on will be related to my current business, to which I dedicate the majority of my time: Zinkia Entertainment.

There is an important part of my current job as the President of Zinkia, which I do outside of Spain, in different parts of the world. For years now, on all of these trips I am accompanied by a character, of whom I am very proud and who has, almost accidentally, turned into an Ambassador of Spain around the world: Pocoyo.

On a professional level, my biggest hope currently is that Zinkia will be successful in the more than 100 countries where Pocoyo is present. I also hope that in time, Pocoyo will be accompanied by other Zinkia creations, such as Mola Noguru, The Fishtail Saga and many others that the future might bring.

I also hope that this Blog will allow me to communicate directly with many people of different professions, ages, interests and countries.